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No item of jewellery should be consigned to a jewellery box just because they are too small or damaged, we can repair all types of jewellery in all the precious metals available- yellow, white and rose Gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Our expert team of repairs can sometimes perform their magic on items that other jewellers have said cannot be repaired.

If you are interested in any of the services below please contact us or visit us in store.

Ring sizing

We can resize all rings such as engagement, wedding , eternity and signet rings all are carefully checked before any work is undertaken and your size will be carefully taken using a variety of ring sizers in a variety of thickness to match the ring you need adjusting, if a ring needs to be made bigger then gold is always added rather than stretching to preserve the integrity of the shank (the back part of the ring).

Ring reshaping

Sometimes accident happen with a treasured piece of jewellery or they might just need a little bit of TLC and we’re here to help, over time gold can become soft which makes the ring twist out of shape or they get caught in door handles or even in some cases run over, our workshop can reshape all these little problems and bring them back to their former glory.

Ring cutting off

No one wants their rings cut off but unfortunately due to injury or changes to our fingers it is sometimes a requirement, we understand that rings hold a great sentimental attachment so we always take the utmost care when removing them, we do have a nominal charge for this but when you come back to us to have your ring repaired and resized we refund this from the cost of repair.

Stone matching

With all diamond and gemstone rings there is always a risk that stones will become damaged or lost, if this has happened to one of your rings our experts will find you a perfect match to your existing gemstones as all gemstones come in various shades and return it to you looking like new. Gemstone matching can take a little longer than our usual repairs but the wait will be worth it.

Rhodium plating

white gold is a lovely precious metal but unfortunately it does need require a little bit of maintenance to keep it looking like new, all white gold is actually a very pale yellow the colour is created by alloying the gold with white metals and then the finished products are plated with a platinum coating called rhodium to give it a bright white finish, over time this wears off but we can return it to its former glory with rhodium plating.

Jewellery cleaning

Most jewellery cleaning can be done instore with the exception of white gold which has to be sent away.

Chain & bracelet repair

if your chain or bracelet breaks we can re solder it no matter how fine, with all chains before we carry out the work we check the chain for wear, if we think the chain is to worn we will not try repairing it but recommend a new one otherwise the chain will continue breaking. Bracelets suffer the same kinds of wear but we can repair most links, rivets and jump rings.


Catches will sometimes fail and break we can replace the majority of them, catches come in shapes and sizes so we will match the clasp as close as possible to the original or if you want to replace them with larger more easily manageable clasp then we can do that, for anyone with dexterity problems we can also replace clasps with magnetic ones which are simple to use. All clasps are soldered to ensure maximum safety.

Earring repairs

We can match/replace lost butterfly backs, change earring fittings with ear wires or posts and butterflies, make earring posts longer or shorter and rebuild fittings.


Pearls and beads need regular restringing, over time the silks or cords become worn or frayed this causes them to stretch and break our expert stringers can restore and repair any beaded item using quality silks or cords with either plain or knotted design, beads that are knotted will be protected from rubbing against each other and minimise loss if broken.

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